Thursday, August 16, 2007

When Will Then Be Now? Soon.

As you can guess from father's recent leave of absence request from the New England Patriots' pre-season, I am going to be born any day now. The birth really is more of a formality at this point, but I think it best that I arrive just like everyone else does - the regular joe sixpack, so to speak. Though I will be born with an actual defined six-pack and biceps like well-fed pythons.

As for the rumors of the Umlaut purchasing a gift for mother, I can assure you that this is not the case, at least not completely. She did send a gift - a lumpy rock that she called a "famlee airloom" Her instructions:

If you wan your tom brady bebeh to be big soopermodul, geeve the bebeh dis rock to eated. It makes so the bebeh iz not hongry for yeers!

She went on to say that once she got more well known in modeling she stopped using the stone to prevent hunger and switched to ingesting prophylactics. Mostly for the convenience factor, I assume. Seriously, I think she's brain damaged.

Also - from the Personal Complaint Dept:
Do you know how hard it is to get good quality gunpowder in here these days? And lighting a fuse is more difficult than I thought it would be from inside my homemade womb-cannon. Oh and I had to totally reconfigure the hinges on the exit, which opened inward. It was a goddamn firetrap if you asked me.

A friend recently sent this humorous cartoon
to me with a note that said, "reminds me of you! :)"

I chuckled, then killed him with my mind.

Growth Note: My knuckles crack in major chords


Tammy said...

Dreamboat Baby? You forgot to come tell us at Splash that you had spoken. Our bad...we should have heard the trumpets that usually accompany such an event. Sorry. Any hints as to when we can expect you to make an appearance? We love you Dreamboat Baby!!

Tammy said...

Dreamboat Baby has arrived! Please tell us all about your miraculous birth. Are you taking Suri & Shiloh's calls yet?

kma35han said...

Dreamboat Baby...WELCOME!!!! We are so excited that you are here!