Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

As you know by the red circle you probably drew on your home calendar, today is the first anniversary of this blog. I have come a long way since I first hooked mother's uterus up with Wi-Fi, and in many ways I already miss the anonymous life I had built for myself in the womb - especially the mini-putt course. Now I am photographed, followed, and besieged for advice and that's just from Chris Simms and the McCown brothers.

I was skeptical at first, but his blog allows me to communicate more directly to you, my masses and minions, about the priorities of my future reign and defend mother and father from baseless attacks. Not to mention the platform it affords me for publishing the truth about the Umlaut and her wallet/father-stealing ways. I must admit, I do not mind the added convenience that the blog lets me multitask. Guess during which sentence I was typing and made doodie. Your move Shiloh, you harlot.

So thank you to the citizens who have participated in the great conversation this blog has begun about if my future rule will be magnifisensational or grandeurilous (trademarks pending). Your unflagging support of Father has sustained me throughout, and makes me think of you less as citizens to be ruled, but rather citiznes eager to be ruled. Maybe we are not so different after all. Even though only one of us poops fabrege eggs.

Growth Note: My taint actually t'is.


kma35han said...

Happy 1st Anniversary, Dreamboat Baby! I love your blog, and I love you!

GJ said...

Since it has been 6 months since you were born, please tell us your plans for the next 6 months. We see in your pictures that you are growing quickly. You look more like 18-24 months, yet we know you are only 6. Is that because your wonderful mother breast fed you? Write to us again soon, we truly love you.

Fran said...

You light up my life with you warm, soothing writings about yourself and mommy! Thank you for a full year of your thoughts and doings. Congratulations to you on your birthday anniversary and look forward to many more years of sharing your warmth and love.

GJ said...

Dreamboat Baby, it does not matter how long you cook the Umlaut, she will always be tougher than buffalo jerky.