Friday, February 23, 2007

What's in a Name

The comment thread of this website speculates what my future name might be. In the body of the post itself the author suggests Robespierre which does have a certain dignified flair to it, I admit. But the rest of them aren't fit to lick my amniotic (ball)sac. To be sure, when I emerge quietly and smoothly from mother's silken womb, I will present my parents with a golden scroll listing the names I have prepared myself. While there are plenty of "baby name" resources, my favorite happens to be this one, which I believe does a bully job at identifying those names that are rare yet timeless. From that list I have narrowed it down to the following five:

  • Ch Haymarket Faultless
  • Ch Briergate Bright Beauty
  • Ch Pendley Calling of Blarney
  • Ch Rancho Dobe's Storm
  • Ch Felicity's Diamond Jim
Other names I am considering:
  • The Thickness
  • Kevin
This list, much like my future genitalia, will grow so large it will disrupt wireless service. I invite you to propose your ideas in the comments section, if you can make sense of those opposable thumbs of yours. In the end, perhaps it doesn't matter what I am called. Jesus had a shitload of names and he did OK.

Growth Note: My intestines are softer and pinker than cotton candy at the old town fair.

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highonlowe said...

May I humbly suggest, Montgomery Cumingsworth the Noble.